Corporate event in the Zero Gravity conditions

Zero gravity flight
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Flight in Zero gravity conditions
Astronauts training zero g

This time we gathered a company of tourists consisting only of men. They happened to be friends and colleagues who decided to spend their corporate party in the cosmic style flying in real weightlessness!

14 members of the flight, just like the authentic squad of cosmonaut candidates, arrived to the GagarinCosmonaut Training Centre one day before the flight itself.

Preparations for the flight were thorough: all the participants attended medical check organized by the doctors of the training centre; in the parachute class theoretical aspects of the flight were presented before the group; during the day of the flight tourists were presented with safety training in the hull of the airplane.

The incredible flight-laboratory IL-76 MDK was fully prepared for the flight in Zero-G environment. Bearing in mind that flight was to take place in the cold time of year the surface of the plane was covered with Icing Protection System.

The weather was sunny and frosty. The guys were lucky with sunshine giving extra good mood for the upcoming space flight.

Our members had a great fun during the flight: flying through the whole hull of the airplane like real superheroes, "swimming" in Zero-G conditions and sticking their feet to the ceiling of the flight.

10 regimes - nearly 5 minutes of real Zero Gravity state and a number of emotions, which our heroes!