This May and June we had 10 flights of tourists from all over the world!

Our company continues to be the main international and Russian leader of flight sells for tourists in MIG-29 in Nizhny Novgorod aviation plant " Sokol".
In particular, this May - June 2014 air base “Sokol” we had 10 flights of our tourists from different countries from all over the world, which has wanted to make an unforgettable flight in MiG-29 to the stratosphere time ago .... Many of these tourists went to flight in MIG-29 many years, and it has happened for some of them to fly due to to the efforts of their relatives and friends who presented them this adventure in fighter jet!
Anyway, flight in MIG-29 impressed everyone.. each of them in their own way... There was no unsatisfied person))
To commemorate this event every tourist will remain video and photos of the adventure, gifts from our company “Country of Tourism Ltd.”.
To visit the secret air base, to witness the legendary fighters of world war II, to lift the veil of mystery aircraft the company "Country of Tourism Ltd."offered everyone this summer and autumn!!! We embody dreams, give an exciting experience and unusual gifts.
We are waiting for you to fly to the stratosphere!!!