Zero gravity flights for visitors of aerospace salon МАКS 2021

Zero-gravity flights at the Maks Air Show
Airshow MAKS
Preparing for a zero-gravity flight
Medical check-up before flying in zero gravity
Water in zero gravity
Zero-gravity flights in Moscow
Flights for tourists at the Maks air show

This summer promises to be bright and memorable with long-awaited aviation events and space adventures.

On the 21-25 of July the international air show МАКS 2021 is awaited to be held. Within the framework of the upcoming event the following will be presented at the salon:

  • exhibition of new developments in the field of aviation
  • enchanting air shows with participation of test pilots;
  • virtuoso maneuvers performed by aerobatic teams of Russian Aerospace Forces and other countries.
  • the possibility to try-on space suit in which cosmonauts go into open space.
  • visit the cabin of the aircraft laboratory IL-76 MDK.
  • the possibility to buy and taste the real space food.

Within the framework of air show МАКS 2021 we organize real space adventures - flights in zero-gravity conditions! The flights as usual will take place on board the laboratory plane IL-76 MDK. The flight in Zero-G conditions will be accompanied by a pilot-cosmonaut of Roscosmos (Russian Space Agency). А pilot-cosmonaut will help you with the following:

  • instruct you before flight
  • tell you how to bear G-force easier;
  • give you valuable advice and tips;
  • demonstrate how the real-life cosmonauts train on board the IL-76 MDK;
  • share his stories from his professional experience;
  • participate with you in the zero gravity flight.

The flights are organized for the tourist groups, which include up to fifteen persons. There is a need to book in advance to have time to file all the necessary documents. Pay attention to us and reserve a place on board the flying laboratory IL-76 MDK.

There are more details on the site.
Important details for the participants of the flight in Zero-G conditions:

1.Cost of zero gravity flight (fee participation) for foreign citizens is 5000 euros per person;
2. Restrictions. Age 18+. Absence of medical contraindications;
3. The day schedule. At 9.00 the flight participants arrive to the airfield of Zhukovsky, then have a meeting with organizers of the event, followed by a medical examination and a medical сonsultation with a doctor.
4. At 10.00 theoretical space flight training begins.
5. At 10.30 the tourists meet, acquaint and have a briefing with a pilot-cosmonaut. After one hour they transfer to the laboratory plane, where they are instructed on board of the plane.
6. At 12.30 the flight begins.The flight will continue for 1,5 hours, and ten zero gravity modes will be fulfiledl during the period of flight.
7. At 14.30 the plane lands on the airfield.
8. At 15.00 we will hand over certificates to the flight participants and their photo session they can visit exhibition and watch air show.