Baykonour tour, March 2018

Soyuz launch
Spacerocket launch
Baikonur spacerocket launch tour
Expedition № 55/56
Baykonour tour, March 2018

Expedition № 55/56, consisting of Oleg Artem’ev, Andrew Foystel and Richard Arnold, was launched on the 21st of March, 2018, from the space port Baikonur. On the 23rd of March, 2018, spaceship “Soyuz”, carrying a team of cosmonauts, successfully performed docking with the International Space Station.

Country of Space Tourism agency led a group of tourists to the prairie of Kazakhstan where the largest space port in world is situated.

Our tourists have witnessed bright and emotional events connected with the space launch: process of carrying-out and vertical adjustment of the rocket. During excursions we visited launch area “Proton”, “Zenith”, “Gagarin’s start”, bunker “Energia-Buran”. Our group took part in the traditional procedure: “farewell to the cosmonauts”. As well as we were auditioning the report of cosmonauts about their readiness for the take-off. And finally we witnessed the launch of the spaceship “Soyuz MC-08” in the midst of the night. It has become an unforgettable experience for our tourists. All of them were able to feel tremendous “roll” of the space port and enjoy a beautiful view of the ascending rocket, which flared up the whole area for a moment and fastle flew away into the space.

This time the date of our tour corresponded with local national festive “Nauryz”. It is being celebrated in Kazakhstan on the 22nd of March. We decided to follow the beloved tradition of the Kazakh nation and celebrated this event at one of the best restaurants of Baikonur, trying delicious local food. Afterwards we visited the museum of the town of Baikonur and attended nomads tent.

In the overall it was an unforgettable adventure, leaving fantastic emotions for our tourists.
As organisers of the tours to the spaceport of Baikonur, we welcome you to join our next space adventure, which will take place on the 6th of June, 2018. In honour of the upcoming Day of Cosmonauts we prepared a special present for our tourist: those who book June’s tour to the Baikonur in April, we give real space food as a present.