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26th and 27th of April were the days of our traditional spring flight in Weightlessness!
This time the flight was dedicated to the 67th anniversary of the first space flight of man, which took place on the 12th of April, 1961. All our tourists happened to be big fans of space exploration. For many participants the flight in Zero-Gravity conditions was presented as as a precious gift, dedicated either to one’s birthday or to the anniversary of first manned space expedition.

Space adventures continued for two days. On a special tour of the first day participants of the flight attended the “holy relics” of Russian cosmonautics – Centre for the training of Cosmonauts in the name of Yurij Gagarin. During the informative excursion tourists learned a great deal of facts about the cosmonauts and their mission on the International Space Station. After the tour preparations for the flight kicked off with the medical check of every member of the team. All of them were allowed to attend the flight. Our guys were waiting impatiently for the next day of the flight.

On the morning of the 27th of April we arrived at the take-off runaway of Chkalovsky airport, where special airplane IL-76 MDK was waiting for adventurers. On the board of this long- haul plane tourists were given final instructions about the on-flight safety rules. Weather conditions were perfect and sky was full of wonderful sunlight.

With the take-off of the airplane the long awaited flight has begun. Flight continued for one hour and a twenty minutes, during which tourists had a chance to experience 10 regimes of “authentic weightlessness”, 25 seconds each. It’s really impossible to explain all the fantastic emotions of our tourists during the flight. They were flying across the long and wide haul of the airplane, like real cosmonauts on the International Space Station, testing the intricate dance of flow of water drops and executing acrobatic movements with 360.

The team of organisers of the flight in Zero-Gravity conditions welcome all the fans of extreme adventures for another flight that is to take place on the 30th – 31st of August, 2018