New group for tour to Baikonur for Launch of spaceship on 21st of march 2018 is opened!

Launch of the Spacerocket
tour to the Baikonur
meet the astronauts

We start to collect group for Baikonur tour on dates 18-22 of March 2018 for a Launch of Soyuz MC-08. We will farewell cosmonaut's crew which includes Oleg Artemyev ( Russia) , Andrew Fewstel (USA) and Richard Arnold ( USA).
Launch is announced on 21 of March 2018.

You will not only make an interesting historical tour to Baikonur and will see Launchpad’s where Soyuz, Proton spaceship take off, and other museum of Baikonur, but also will take part in such traditional events as the farewell of astronauts and the report on readiness for the chairman of the State Commission. Amazing view of spaceship launch will be a worthy end to the interesting program of the tour to the Baikonur cosmodrome and will be remembered for the rest of your life!

Don’t loose you chance to see lifetime event – launch of spaceship Soyuz!

Send us request to email to book your place in a group !

Hurry up! We apply documents till 11 of February 2018.