Results of sales and arrangements of MiG-29 Flights for tourist from all over the world in Russia!

Shaun Gallagher performed his "Edge of Space" climb in August 2013
Special commerial stickers on cars of the city
Douglas Taylor in the MiG-29 cockpit ready for show time
Nobody can hold after flight emotions

2013 is over… During last year our company “Country of Tourism LTD”, as a leading Seller of MiG-29 fighter jet rides in the world, continued not only sales of jet rides for foreign tourists, but also popularized this topic in the whole world.
Within popularization of MiG-29 Jet rides, we created another profile site regarding the MiG-29 flights for tourists from Russia in Russian language ( The core feature of this web site is its simplicity and clarity for people who want to perform flight to Stratosphere in MiG-29. Presently we have 4 profile MiG-29 rides websites in Russian. (,, и
Besides that we continued holding the transport advertising campaign for popularization of MiG-29 Flights, by placing the special informative stickers on the back side of cars.
We continued to improve the information about flights in MiG-29 on our English websites, which are popular among tourists and aviation fans from all over the world. Currently you can learn details about MiG-29 flights using our several foreign languages sites , ,

We have organized active work on the Facebook. In particular, we have created powerful groups for aviation fans and jet fighter rides:
1. Supersonic Aerobatic Club (68 000 Likes)
2. MIG-29 (15 000 Likes)

Al these activities significantly increased the amount of our tourists from around the world, that performed the Jet aircrafts flights in 2013.
Specifically, 28 tourist from different countries (USA, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Spain, Brasilia, etc.) both men and women were flown in MiG-29 in 2013. Thus during the last year the most popular MiG-29 Flight program for tourists became “Edge of Space” & Aerobatics. 95% of the tourists performed this particular Flight program.
In addition to MiG-29 flights we have successfully organized flights in other Jet aircrafts. Namely 11 flights were held in a training plane L-39 and 17 flights in its earlier version L-29.
In 2014 we are planning to activate our work on promoting of Aviation and Space tourism and increase the amount of tourists performing our unique adventures!!!
We invite you to enjoy our unique adventures!!!