A successful launch of the spaceship “Soyuz MS-12”! Alexey Ovchinin and Nick Hague are finally in space!

14th of March, 2019, proved to be an emotional day. At 22:14, Moscow time, our group of tourists witnessed the successful take-off of the space rocket “Soyuz MS-12” with cosmonaut Aleksey Ovchinin and astronauts Nick Hague and Christian Cook on board.

This time the start of the start of Soyuz was especially memorable! First of all, it was one of the rare night-time launches of the manned spaceships. Imagine, in the whole of the night the surrounding area becomes lit by a huge burst of light. Secondly, Aleksey Ovchinin and Nick Hague went through an unsuccessful launch in the last October.

During our five-day tour on the Baikonur, besides paying farewell to crew of Soyuz, we watched the process of moving-out of the rocket from the Installation and Construction Edifice and it’s transportation to the “Gagarin’s pad”, where it was installed and verticalized. Our group made a visit to the launch area “Proton”, measurement centre “Saturn” and Launch complex and Bunker of “Buran Energia”, which had overseen the only legendary launch of Buran – Soviet space shuttle.

Trip to the memorial complex «Korkut-Ata», located 70 km away from the Baikonur and safe-guarded by UNESCO, came as unexpected surprise for our tourists. Each member of our group could listen to the so called “song of wind”, created in this area. This type of sound cannot be recorded on any type of device. The sound resembled the melody played by Kazakh national instrument “Kobyz”. During the tour we learned about Kazakh traditional legends, each tourist could make a wish while making three clockwise circles around the pyramid. We hope that all wishes come true.

We are very grateful to our photographer Alexander Rudolfovich who visited Baikonur with our group and made some fantastic photos for all of our tourists.
We invite you for our next tour to the Baikonur launch. The trip will take place from the 3rd till 7th of July, 2019.
You can send your requests for the tour to the e-mail: mig@tour-space.com