Absolutely awesome flight of the Australian tourist to the “Edge of Space” with complex of Aerobatics in MiG-29!

In the cockpit of MiG-29
Near MiG-29 Jet Fighter
Perfect flight in MiG-29
Flight in MiG-29 jet in "Edge of Space"!
 Flight in MiG-29
Flights in MiG-29 for Tourists! Season 2012

On April 18, 2012 our tourist from sunny Australia had an awesome flight in MiG-29 and got 9.1 G! He has been dreaming about the flight in a real fighter for many years. And the prize found his winner! Our Australian partner “Adrenalin” held a lottery and helped the biggest dream to come true! Flying some small planes, Adrian was always thinking of a real fighter and MiG-29 became the best offer for him! He had a great flight, saw the beautiful view of our planet from the altitude of 21 km and 9.1 G during aerobatics! No words, just great emotions and nice feelings! We were glad to arrange this awesome flight!
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