Your exciting summer vacation in Moscow and Russia! We offer great opportunities!

This summer in Moscow will be lots of events: Air Show MAKS, Zero Gravity Flight on IL-76 MDK.

You could combine several events together!

For those, who comes to Moscow in July and like aviation, we offer to join our group to Airshow MAKS-2017, and visit most popular sightseeing in Moscow during our excursion tour.

MAKS is a unique blend of business opportunities, scientific contacts, prime military and civilian equipment, youth projects and touristic events.

The flight program of the MAKS air show on the days of mass visits by the number of aircraft in the sky and the total duration of flights traditionally holds the leading positions among the largest air shows in the world. And you could see all this by yourself!

During aviasalon MAKS you will see modern jet fighters, military machines, and will see show of famous aerobatic teams such as: “Strizhi” who are flying on Mig-29 jets
“Russian Vityazi” who are flying on Su-30
“Falcons of Russia” who are flying on Su-27
“Baltic bees” who are flying on L-39
“Rus” who are flying on L-39
“Chelavia team”who are flying on light aircrafts Sierra P2002, and even more.

Dates of our tour are from 19 to 24 of July.

Till Airshow MAKS-2017 Left LESS THAN 3 WEEKS!

Last moment booking tour to Airshow MAKS-2017. Hurry up to book it and join one of the best airshows in the world!

And most exciting what you could do this summer is fly as cosmonaut in weightless, and feel this freedom flight in Zero Gravity Flight! We organize it on 24-25 of August.

This event is organized in unique flying laboratory IL-76 MDK! This plane is only one in the world, where real cosmonauts make trainings. And you could be as cosmonaut on real training before going to space! Rotate, fly and float in weightless sound really as amazing feelings!

We still have got free places on 24-25 of August. Catch your chance!

But you need to hurry up with permission process as deadline is soon!

Join to us!

For booking of Zero G Flight you need to send us copy of passports and fulfilled applications.

You have got questions? Contact with us!