The first Indian conquered the stratosphere in MiG-29 on Independence Day of India, August, 15 in 2014

The famous traveler from India Suresh Kumar has visited Sokol airbase on the 15th of August. He visited more than 100 countries on all continents. The geography of his travels extends from North to South and from West to East!!!

All of his achievements, he gladly shares at his multilingual website
Suresh became the first Indian, who flew in MiG-29.

He dedicated his flight to the stratosphere to the memory of his mother, raising her photo to the altitude - more than 18 kilometers.

He chose the date of the flight not by chance, but because of Independence Day in India!!!

The staff of the "Country of Tourism Ltd." sincerely congratulates the lucky man with such a significant event and the realization of a longtime dream!!!

We wish him not to stop on his way and achieve new heights!!!