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On the 14th of November, 2011 at 08.14.04 by Moscow time from a starting complex of a platform of 1 cosmodrome Baikonur there has been a start of a rocket “Soyuz-FG” with the transport piloted ship "Soyuz TMA-22"(the commander: Anton Shkaplerov (Russian Space Department); flight engineers: Anatoly Ivanishin (Russian Space Department), Deniel Byorbenk (NASA).

After 528 seconds of flight of the carrier rocket "Soyuz TMA-22" has separated from the third step RN in an orbit of the artificial satellite of the Earth.

Joining "Soyuz TMA-22" with the International space station is planned for November, 16th of this year 09.33 by Moscow time.

Our tourists constantly take part in tours to Baikonur. The impressions of our tourists are here >>>

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Next time there will be a start of a rocket 21.12.2011.

Only 60 years ago we could not even imagine, that it is possible to go somewhere out of our planet, to unknown word, which we call now space.
In modern time, with the rapid development of mankind knowledge, people can not only fly to space, but also study it. But not everybody, who wants can be a cosmonaut, you only need to have special skills and strong health.
Preparation of cosmonauts, equipment and space ship – is difficult, but interesting process. Not everybody can see all this by themselves.
During 3 years company "Country of tourism" has been organizing tours at the start of manned space ships in Baikonur.
From that time there are more than 100 people all over the world, who used this tour.
It is so amazing to see the start of the space ship with your own eyes, being so close to it, in distance of only 1,4 km, to be in the places, where cosmonauts made their preparations a few hours ago.

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