Advertising of your company and flight as a tourist in MiG-29 at the same time!

This June 2014 one Italian - Stefano Cerini di Castegnate had his flight to the stratosphere!

The peculiarity of this flight was the fact that Stefano apart from the pleasure of flight to the stratosphere in MiG-29, also carried out advertising his plant SIRSI in Italy for the production of equipment and machinery ...

Customer plans to use the photos and videos for further commercial advertising of his company. We agreed individually the size and design and finally chose the best variant after long discussion.

Such an example and successful experience allows us to offer you promotion of your company in a similar way - to combine either the pleasure of this adventure in MIG-29 or commercial advertising of the company or plant.

We can offer you a variety of ways to advertise your company or product - sticker on the fighter jet, the sticker on the helmet, pilot suit stickers…

Also, if you bring a flag or symbol of the company with you, you can take a picture near MiG-29, with your flag and logo.

We are waiting for you!