12th of April - the Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics being celebrated by the whole world.

April 12 happens to be the day of aviation and cosmonautics, which is celebrated all over the world. This year celebration is postponed to autumn due to the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, by staying at home we can afford to congratulate everyone who is related to the industry of space exploration - these are our esteemed cosmonauts, who made it to outer space, as well as all employees of Roscosmos Corporation, rocket launcher developers, operating spaceports, including our esteemed tourists, who have been with us on our space adventures and managed to touch space with us!

Thanks to the first manned space flight of Y.A. Gagarin, which opened the way of mankind into outer space, our nation became the first in the whole world. "We are the first "- these words sounded in all corners of the immense Soviet Union. April 12th became a day of universal rejoicing!

Today this event has become a history. Nevertheless, we must remember, know and be proud of what role did our country play in the field of space exploration, following the glorious traditions of our ancestors to match their high standards. Dear ladies and gentleme, happy Cosmonautics Day to you all. We wish you all successful take-offs and soft landings!