Results of Air show MAKS 2019 in Zhukovsky

We would like to point out that our company has become an official participant of the Aero Space Salon MAKS in Zhukovsky. We have reached new heights of stratosphere by organizing a series of tourist services for visitors and guests of the exhibition during the airshow.

The most unusual events of MAKS 2019 consisted of Zero Gravity flights on board of IL-76 MDK (belonging to the Cosmonaut Training Center). We successfully supervised two flights in zero gravity for guests and visitors on the air show. It was a unique opportunity for foreign visitors of the exhibition to take part in the Zero-G flight. Usually, in is necessary to register at least 2-3 months in advance for the participation in this fantastic activity.

 During the Aero salon MAKS, our IL-76 MDK plane-laboratory was constantly located on static parking lot. This plane is used for tests and scientific experiments in the short-period Zero Gravity conditions, including of cosmonaut’s trainings. On board of the flying laboratory visitors were introduced to the “Orlan” spacesuits, which were designed for spacewalks. On board the plane, every hour we were oraganizing educational excursions for the guests of the MAKS.

As well as we conducted several classes for our tourists on a virtual docking simulator, organized a photo session in the Sokol KV-2 spacesuits, and tasted real space food.

Our team has organized a pleasant surprise for all participants and visitors of the exhibition - the souvenir boutique on the territory of the Airshow MAKS 2019 - “space souvenirs”. For connoisseurs and amateurs of astronautics, there was given an opportunity to purchase unique and exclusive handicrafted models of IL-76 MDK plane (an exact copy of the aircraft on which flights are carried out in zero gravity conditions), models of Soyuz and Proton rockets specially brought from Baikonur Cosmodrome, books, chevrons, space food that is sent to the International Space Station and much more.