We organized new group Zero Gravity Flight on 3rd of November 2015 for tourists from different countries!

Zero Gravity Group Flight
Zero Gravity Flight
Zero Gravity Flight
Zero Gravity Flight
Photo with Cosmonauts and tourist from Iran
Photo near Centrifuge Cf-7 tourist from Iran
Photo near Simulator Soyuz TMA of tourist from Iran
Tourist from Iran inside of Orlan Space Suite
Tourist from Iran our Manager after training in Orlan Space Suite

We glad to tell that 3rd of November we have done new Zero Gravity Flight for our international group of tourists! In Zero-G Flights took part tourists from Russia, Spain, Iran, and even russian actors! For this flight we have done very beautiful red flight suites, which tourists left to themselves as souvenir after the Zero-Gravity Flight. Our tourists like this experience very much! It was really new emotions, new experience and we have done lots of photos.
After this our partner from Iran have got training in Space Simulators in Cosmonaut Training Centre 5-6 of November.
He have got excursion in Star City ( Cosmonaut Training Center), during which he was lucky to met russian cosmonaut- woman Elena Serova, who have been in ISS Station yet, and American astronaut Jeffrey Williams , who also have been in ISS Station yet and make memoriable photos. During his training he had new experience in Soyuz-TMA Space Simulator ,where he try to dock spaceship to ISS Space Station, Have got training in "Orlan" Space Suite ( Simulator "Vykhod-2") and training of going out in Open Space, Training in Centrifuge CF-7, and memoriable lunch as training Is Space Food Simulator. It was really unforgettable experience!
You want to feel how it is fly in Weightless? Join our next group Zero-G Flight on 5-6 of May 2016.