Prices for MiG-29 flights in 2013 and the schedule for the flights.

Dear Funs of Aviation!
At last we can offer you new prices 2013 for the flights in MiG-29!
As we supposed, the prices have increased a little. The reason is that the prices for the aviation fuel became higher and Sokol airbase improved the services of the aircrafts and it also costs a lot.
You can look at our new prices following the link:
We would like to explain that our prices contain not only the flights but the trips to Russia too. The trips to Russia can be either Business or Econom.
We can also inform you about a good news. Now the price includes a special insurance from the emergency excident. Our company is the only one who can provide you with this insurance. So if you have a decision to fly be sure you will be safe.
And now some words about the flight schedule for 2013:
there won't be any flights up to the 8th of April 2013 as Sokol airbase has been supporting technical maintenance of the aircrafts. You will be able to fly during the period 8 April- 1 June.
But you should make reservations beforehand as we need not less than 60-65 days to obtain special permission for your MiG-29 flight!
There won't be any flights inside the period 1-30 June 2013 as Sokol Airbase is going to repare its runway.
You may choose the dates for your next flights from the 1st of July till the 29th of December 2013.
We remind you that we have been organizing flights in MiG-29 for more than 6 years. We have had more than 200 flight tourists. We are the largest seller of the flights in MiG-29.
The impressions of our tourists can be seen here: