6 Mig-29 Flights in May 2013!

Valentina fitting on her flight suit
Thanking the pilot

In May 2013 we had 6 tourists, who flew to the Edge of Space.
Spain, Russia, Australia, and the Czech Republic, all kindly shared their citizens for us to send them to the stars!
This was one of the more diverse groups, but again, our team at the Sokol airbase performed flawlessly, and every flight turned out to be a marvel!
The highlite of the program is always different for everyone, but most will agree, the acceleration is one of the biggest thrills. And of course, when you're doing the same aerobatic maneuvers as the planes at the air show, you will have something to brag about to your friends!
Come join the club of aviation enthusiasts, who already flew to the Edge of Space!
Be original, Give yourself the gift of flight!