Features of booking and schedule of booking flight in MiG-29 (summer- autumn 2015) ! Important!

Dear tourists!

We remind you that booking of flight in MiG-29 should be done 65 days before date of flight. Most important to receive permission to entry airbase Sokol in time. During this period of time we should make agreement with you,receive permission for you to entry air base Sokol, prepare all documents, and you should done full payment. Also, flights in MiG-29 are possible only on week day.

Important information!

In summer time from 14th of July to 5th of August 2015 flights in MiG-29 will not be held , associated with servicing of jet fighter MiG-29.
Besides, in October- November 2015 quantity of flight in MiG-29 will be limited for tourists- not more than 1 flight a day.
Plan your flight in advance to take desirable date first!