Air Show MAKS take place each 2 years in Moscow.
It is one of the biggest aviation exhibition where you could see amazing show of helicopters, jets, aerobatic teams from different countries, and presentation of some cool plane or jet , like Su- 35 powerful, maneuvrable jet figther last time, who did amazing show on MAKS - 2015. Also, you could see hugest exhibition of planes,jets and helicopters and military machines. Thousand of people coming to aviasalon each time to see it again.

Usually, it take place in the end of August, but this year, Air Show MAKS - 2017 was moved to July because of other great exhibition ARMY-2017, so that participants have got time to prepare for both exhibitions. New dates of exhibition will be from 17-23 of July 2017.
Our company, traditionally organize tour to visit of Air Show MAKS -2017. Each time we collect several groups of tourists who comes for AirShow MAKS. We have got 4 and 6 days program which you could join.
This year will be something really special and interesting on Air Show MAKS -2017.
In 2017, the visitors of MAKS will have a chance to see fighter aircrafts MiG-29SMT, Su-30SM, Su-35S, a training and combat military aircraft Yak-130, a front line bomber Su-34, missile-carrier bombers Tu-160, Tu-95MS, Tu-22M3, a long-range radar detection aircraft A-50U, aircrafts An-30B, L-410UVP-E20, as well as transport helicopters Mi-8AMTS-VA, Mi-8MTV5-1, Mi-26, attack helicopters Mi-28N, Mi-35, K-52 and a trainer helicopter ANSAT-U.

Hurry up to join tour to Air Show Maks with our group!

We will be glad to see you in Moscow and MAKS-2017!