We make sales of MiG-29 Flights for 10 years!! Anniversary of MiG-29 Flight for tourists!

Dear Friends,
23 of May 2015 we have got 10 years Anniversary, from moment when have been signed Government Resolution of the Russian Federation to organize and conduct demonstration flights"> in MiG-29 in Aircraft Plant “Sokol” in Nizhniy Novgorod. This gives us opportunity to sell these MiG-29 Flights for civilians!
This is a significant date and Anniversary with which we congratulate you all!
We provide flights in MiG-29 for civilians for more than 10 years!
Our company "Country of Tourism Ltd", from the beginning, in cooperation with airbase "Sokol", participated in the drafting and realization of sales strategy and operations of MiG-29 Flights, as well as promotion of MiG-29 Flights to the World Market!
Sales of MiG-29 Flights organized by us on the basis of Agreements with Aircraft Plant "Sokol" and Certificate of prior sale !

Company "Country of Tourism Ltd" is a reliable, priority and strategic partner of “ Sokol” Airbase in sales and organization of MiG-29 Flights for private customers!
- During this time, we have conducted more than 220 flights for tourists from Russia and around the world!
- During all this time, all tourist who make a Flight in MiG-29 have really enjoyed it, and no one regretted of spent money!
- During this time, there was not a single case of violation of the safety of flights in MiG-29, which indicates a high level of organization of MiG-29 flight operations and maintenance of the material part of the jet fighter!
- During this time we have done many websites and brochures about MiG-29 Flights in different languages, we participated in Berlin International Tourism Exhibition and promoted there Aerospace Tourism in Russia.
- During this time, all around the world and in Russia, have been done a network of Agencies that advertise our Flights in MiG-29 in their countries and improve the prestige of Russian aviation and pilots!