Top Gun

Makarov PM

Many men in the world admire the history of arms. It is not a secret that Russian arms are considered among the best in the world. Here is a super opportunity to try out the most modern handgun, rifle, and shotgun at an indoor shooting gallery. There is a wide choice of carbines, guns, pistols, with various targets that will allow you to develope or improve your shooting skills.

Our shooting gallery is equipped with a modern training complex on practical shooting – the "Ajsberg-S300". It allows a simulation of different theaters of operations and to improvement of shooting skills to operate in it. There is 40-meter pistol range which can accommodate any caliber handgun. The ranges are state-of-the-art, with computer-controlled targets, allowing you to set your target at the exact distance you want to shoot.

Skilled instructors will help you to improve or develop skills of shooting. They talk about different types of arms and show how they are to be used. You can choose any of follow arms:

  • Pistols: Makarov PM, Margo, IZH-71, P-96S, MR-443 Grach;
  • Carbines: Bars, Vepr, Los, PKSK, Sajga, Sable, SKS, Tiger and others;
  • Ak-47, Mosin-Nagant;
  • Various pneumatic weapons (automatic machines and pistols).

Between shootings, you can visit our bar where you can relax in a cozy atmosphere with polite staff and enjoy various cuisines and drinks.

You definitely will enjoy unique and memorable experience. Adrenaline is guaranteed!

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