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Museum of Russian Heroes
Museum of Heroes
Russian Heroes
Museum of Heroes in Russian Federation


Russia is fond its heroes of earlier times; people who, without thinking about their well-being their lives, remained devoted to Motherland. These Russian people showed courage and heroism at all times. That is why it is not by chance that such a kind of museum was opened in Russia. If you want to better understand Russian people, and find out what the "Russian soul" is you must visit this museum.

The museum collects information, portraits and personal belongings of people who were awarded the highest honour and titles of Soviet Union and Russian Federation. The title "Hero of Soviet Union" was the highest state award and was conferred for accomplishments or distinguished service during the war and also, in exceptional circumstances during peace time. Since 1992, Russia’s highest award is "Hero of Russian Federation."

The Museum of Heroes was built and opened in 2002, with help from the Moscow government. It is a modern museum complex, equipped with latest technologies.

The Museum exhibitions are in four main parts, divided thus:

  • Heroes in the sky (cosmonauts, pilots);
  • Heroes in the water (submariners, Navy);
  • Heroes on the earth (soldiers, tank crews);
  • Heroes in the fire (firemen, rescuers).

The modern multimedia system lets you experience these environments.

During this tour you can learn many unknown facts about Russian history. You will see the portraits of Russian heroes and if you want to, you can meet one of them in person. A man, whose name already is in the museum, will tell you his story. The museum allows you to touch as well as see. You can even put on a General’s outfit and take pictures in it with real Russian weapons.

We guarantee astounding tour in world’s only museum of heroism!

Tour takes approximately 1,5 hours.

Price includes:

  • Entrance tickets;
  • Guide-interpreter (English, Spanish, French and German);
  • Museum guide;
  • Tour in the museum.

N.B. 1 - The meeting with Hero of Soviet Union or Russian Federation and photo in General's outfit are extra charged.
N.B. 2 - We can arrange transportation to museum, if needed.

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