History Tour dedicated to the Victory in the Second World War

Parade on Red Square in Russia
History Tour dedicated to the Victory in the Second World War
WWII Veterans
Kubinka Tank Museum
Veterans on parade
German tank in Kubinka Tank Museum
Mamaev Kurgan in Volgograd
Monument of "Road of life" in Ladoga Lake
Museum of The Breakthrough of the Siege of Leningrad

Our company «Space Tourism Ltd.» organized the history tour devoted to the Victory in the Second World War ending. Having such a successfull experience in 2010 we decided to arrange this tour in honour of 70 Annivesary of the Victory in Second World War II.

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During the tour you will visit the places of the most significant theaters of war which have changed not only war situation, but whole history of modern world. Moscow, Leningrad, Stalingrad – three hero cities, where Soviet people prevented the capture and defended the freedom and independence of their Motherland. The tour is specially dated at time of 70 anniversary celebration of the end of the Second World War, and we offer unique possibility to take part in celebration events, such as Parade on Red Square, holiday banquet with Heroes and Veterans of Great Patriotic War and grandiose salute.

Moscow has a right to be a "Hero City" since this city made a huge contribution to the victory in the Great Patriotic War and defeated of Nazi aggressors. The Battle of Moscow became a turning point of the Great Patriotic War. We will visit a Museum of Great Patriotic War where you will find a large collection of war relics, such as weapons, combat equipments and vehicles, uniforms, awards, photos, newsreel, real documents and letters and many others. The State Museum of Moscow Defense shows the history of the greatest event in Russian history - the Battle of Moscow 1941-1942. The exposition of museum, which keeps more than 4000 original exhibits, helps visitors to understand what helped to stop the best forces of the most powerful army near Moscow walls. Also we will visit two best military museums, devoted to legendary combat forces – the Tank Museum in Kubinka and the Air Forces Museum in Monino. Victory Parade took place in Moscow in 1945. The regiments consisting of Patriotic War heroes with its glorified commanders marched on Red Square. People warmly welcomed valorous soldiers. We give you great opportunity to feel atmosphere of victory and take part in Parade on the Red Square.

The other city of Stalingrad (the modern name Volgograd) protected southern boundaries of Soviet Union and is known for Stalingrad Battle, which was one of the bloodiest battle of the Second World War. The Fascist Troops suffered a devastating defeat in the battle of Stalingrad. There are several museums in Volgograd which devoted to Stalingrad Battle and we will visit most interesting of them, such as Mamaev Kurgan, Museum of Stalingrad Panorama, Soldiers’ Field, Collective Memorial Cemetery in Rossoshka village and others.

The “Hero City” Leningrad (the modern name St.-Petersburg) became a synonym of courage and heroism. Leningrad’s horrific siege was one of the most lethal in world history. It lasted for 900 days, from September 1941 to January 1944. The city’s civilian population of almost three million refused to surrender, even though they were completely surrounded. By the first winter of the siege there was no heating, no water supply, almost no electricity and very little food. Despite non-stop air and artillery bombardment, the city’s greatest enemies were hunger and bitter cold. Exhausted people collapsed and died. The streets were littered with dead bodies. The only life-line to the mainland was the ice of Lake Ladoga – known as the “Road of Life”. “Road of life” saved thousands human lives, we will visit Ladoga Lake. During tour in St. Petersburg we also will visit the Peter and Paul Fortress, Aurora Cruiser, the Artillery Museum, Marino Diorama and State Memorial Museum of Leningrad Siege and Defense.

This historic tour devoted to the 70 anniversaries of the Second World War ending will be interesting to Veterans of the World War II, descendants of participants of the war and to all who sure that we have to remember our history in order to not repeat the mistakes of the past.

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