Mikoyan MiG-29 Fulcrum (MiG-29UB)

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Fly MiG-29

MiG-29 UB - Fighter Trainer

The trainer version of the aircraft is intended for basic training in flying technique, air navigation by day and night in VFR and IFR weather conditions, as well as for acquiring habits in combat employment techniques and restoration of flying skills.

The combat version of the aircraft is intended to destroy air targets by day and night in VFR and IFR weather conditions and jamming environment, and to defeat ground (waterborne) targets.

It was developed from the MiG-29 Fulcrum front-line fighter and features a high degree of unification with it.

It differs from baseline version by:

  • the two seat tandem-arranged cabin installed owing to the exclusion of a radar station and an extension of the fuselage nose section;
  • the exclusion of the R-27R1 air-to-air missiles from the aircraft weapon suite.

The aircraft's onboard equipment and systems have been modified to ensure unified display and aircraft control by both crewmembers, and to introduce several failure simulation modes for practicing pilot’s actions in flight emergencies.

The navigation equipment, communications facilities, ATC and IFF transponders can be changed at foreign customer’s request. The FKP-ETs camera gun can be replaced by video recording equipment.

Basic Characteristics:

Crew 2
Normal / maximum takeoff weight, kg 14,610 / 18,240
Maximum flight speed, km/h
near ground 1,400
at high altitude 2,300
Service ceiling, m 17,500
Ferry range without external fuel tank/with one external fuel tank, km 1,500/1,900
Maximum external load, kg 2,500
Overall dimensions (length x height x wing span), m 17,4 x 4,7 x 11,4
Engine type, number x thrust all full reheat, kgf RD-33; 2 x 8,300

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