Mikoyan MiG-21 Fishbed

MiG-21 Fishbed
MiG-21 Fishbed
MiG-21 Ride
MiG-21 Ride

MiG-21 - Lightweight Front-Line Fighter

The MiG-21 is intended:

  • MiG-21 - intercept maneuverable and nonmaneuverable aerial targets in the forward and aft hemispheres day or night, in VFR and IFR conditions, against the earth or radio-transparent cloud background, as well as in active and passive jamming environments;
  • conduct close maneuver air combat;
  • defeat ground targets, including the single mobile ones, in visual contact conditions.

The aircraft is furnished with the following up-to-date onboard equipment:

  • the Kopyo radar;
  • a helmet-mounted target designator;
  • an information display system;
  • navigation, communications, ECM and video recording systems;
  • the Karat-B flight data collection, monitoring and recording system.

To ensure operation of the new equipment, the fighter’s power supply and air-conditioning systems have been upgraded. The aircraft is additionally equipped with an engine antisurge system and an automatic longitudinal stability control device.

The combat capabilities of the upgraded MiG-21 Fishbed make it a modern fourth-generation aircraft.

Basic Characteristics:

Crew 1
Normal takeoff weight, kg 9,200
Maximum flight range with external fuel tanks, km 1,760
Maximum flight speed, km/h
near ground 1,300
at high altitude 2,175
Service ceiling, m 17,000
Maximum operational g-load, g 8
Maximum rate of climb, m/s 225
Overall dimensions (length x height x wing span), m 15,0 x 4,1 x 7,15
Engine type and thrust (emergency power rating), kgf R25-300; 6,850 (9,900)