Photogallery of Flights

Discussion of two experienced pilots
Fighter jet casket as a Gift
Scale Model of the MiG-29 that you will fly in
MiG-29 Flights in Russia
MiG-29 Flights in Russia
Tourist seats in the cockpit as a co-pilot
Before the MiG-29 Flight tourist get all nesesary instruction
Replica of MiG-29 on the wing of Big brother
Great photo with MiG-29 and lucky tourist right after the flight
Tourist shake Pilot's hand after the flight
Our tourist is going to perform his Stratosphere climb in few minutes
Pilot instructing the tourist about inside instruments
Walter Pahor with pilot Yuri Polyakov in front of the MiG-29
Adreas Schmidbauer from Australis is ready for Show Time
Vernon Moo from Australia between MiG-29 engines
USA tourists in front of MiG-29 aircraft
Happy US guest can't stop smiling after the flight
Guest from New Zealand made his MIG-29 flight on 11.11.13
3.2.1. GO!