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MIG-15 UTI is one of the very first jet fighters created in the USSR and adopted for service in the Air Force. The fighter was designed as a melee aircraft and equipped with a single turbojet engine, has an excellent aerodynamic shape and excellent visibility from the cockpit.
During your flight in the MiG-15 UTI will be performed various aerobatics, ranging from simple and to the most difficult. You can try such figures as "slides", "bends", "Nesterov's loop", dive, "barrels", flight at minimum speed. In the final stage of the program, will be made a low altitude flight (15-20 meters above the aerodrome), which is a unique sight and will not leave your guests indifferent to the flight from the ground.You can occasionally control the MiG-15 UTI fighter under the control of the pilot, as well as feel adrenaline, performing aerobatic maneuvers. Speed of jet during maneuvres is 550-750 km/hr.
Maximum altitude is 6000 km depends from weather conditions.
The flight duration with the preparation will take about 1.5 hours, your emotions after the flight will remain for life! Before the flight you will be instructed, and have got medical check with doctor. After preparing for the flight, you will have got briefing about the basic design features of the fighter and rules of conduct during the flight, and you will be instructed in the cockpit.

If you come with guests, then the pilot can perform aerobatic maneuvers over the runway and a small private air show will be shown for your friends. During the flight you will be able constantly communicate with the pilot, as well as perform the most liked maneuvers again. Overloads can vary from 2 G up to 7 G. Increase the overloads from maneuver to maneuver you will coordinate with the pilot.
The flight program is flexible, so the pilot can change the program depending on your condition. This program is suitable for strong men, and for ladies. We have experience in organizing such flights for the elderly. All of them well tolerated the overload and were satisfied with the flight.
Aerobatic maneuvres on the military jet fighter MiG-15 UTI is a unique impression and emotion, it is the realization of the dream of conquering the sky and a great opportunity to test yourself and surprise your friends and relatives!

And also this is a unique gift for your beloved ones!

Our professional team will make your flight unforgettable!

The cost of a 20-minute flight of MIG-15 UTI is 6500 Euro!
The cost of a 30-minute flight of MIG-15 UTI is 7500 Euro!

Additional options:

- Flight suite 300 euro;
- Professional Photo and Video 600 euro;

The day of your flight in MiG-15 jet fighter is definitely one of the most memorable days in your life. Next, you can read in detail how you will spend flight day!

Your flight day schedule:

9:00 - 9:30 - our representative will meet you at the airbase.
9:30 - 9:45 - passing control at the checkpoint, registration of necessary documents. You must have a passport with you.
9:45 - 10:30 - excursion to the air club and the museum.
The museum is only available for flying customers, because it is in a limited access territory. You can not visit it by yourself. Before the entrance to the museum there were installed real-sized models of both historic and current aircraft. The exposition includes Su-30, MIG-29, MIG-17, MIG-21, MIG-19, MIG-23 and Su-17 planes.
10:30 - 11:00 - meeting with the pilot - instructor, briefing on the flight program.
During the briefing you can tell your wishes on the flight program, and the pilot will try to take them into account during the flight.
11:00 - 11:15 - pre-flight medical control. Checking the general condition and measuring the pressure.
11:15 - 11:30 – fitting of flight equipment. After adjusting the equipment, you will be instructed on the use of the flight helmet. The whole process of preparation for the flight will be captured on the video camera by our operator.
11:30 - 12:00 - instructing you to bail out during an emergency.
12:00 - 12:30 - transfer to the airfield, to the place where the aircraft is standing. Instruction on the design features of the MIG-15 UTI aircraft, briefing in the cockpit.
At the end of the briefings, final elements of the aircraft inspection will be carried out before the flight.
Now everything is ready for the main thing - your flight in a MiG-15 jet fighter!!
12:30 - FLIGHT. Depending on your flight program, you will spend 20-30 minutes in the air, conducting flight of your dream! You will feel the full power of the fighter immediately after take-off. Then enjoy acceleration of speed.
Are you ready for aerobatics? Go forward!!! First, pilot will check your tolerance on small overloads and will increase the overload at your request, and depending on your health. The maximum level of overload you fix by yourself, but not more than 5 G. Then the air show with your participation and performance of aerobatics will begin: "barrels", "loops", "combat turn", "bends", etc. The most liked figures will be performed again at your request. At the end of the program, will be made a low pass maneuver (15-20 meters) above the aerodrome.

You will feel the power and speed of a jet fighter! Feel yourself as pilot. What could be better?

13:30 - 13:45 - landing of the MiG-15 aircraft.
Photo session near jet with the pilot-instructor.
The ceremony of presenting a commemorative Certificate on completion of the flight (flight parameters are specified and performed aerobatic maneuvers).
If you have a Log book, then we can make you an official record of the performed flight.
14:30 - 14:45 - departure from the airbase. A representative of our company accompany you.

Booking process.
Permission process takes only 2 weeks.
Flights in Mig-15 are conduct all year round in all days except Minday and Tuesday.
For booking we need copy of your passport and fulfilled application form.

We hope that this day will remain in your memory for life and we will be glad to see you again and help you in realizing your dreams through our unique adventures!

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