Fly a MiG 29 for tourists in Russia! MiG 29 flights. Edge of Space and Aerobatics! Top-Gun in MiG-29! Fighter Jet Rides in MiG-29! Sokol airbase. "Space Tourism LTD"

Travel agency "Space Tourism" as the Tour operator of Aviation and Space tourism, offer you flights in MiG-29 Russian fighter jets. "Sokol" airbase authority gave us Exclusive right to organize touristic flights for civilians in a modern MiG-29 jet fighter. This right is confirmed by the special Сertificate.

We have been organized commercial flights in MiG-29jet fighters in Russia for more than 9 years.

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After the Russian government's restriction of jet fighters flights from the Zhukovsky air base, in 2006, we very soon after, organized legal and official jet fighters flights in MiG-29 for tourists, at the "Sokol" aviation base, in Nizhniy Novgorod (400 km from Moscow). "Sokol" aviation plant is a powerful facility in Soviet Union and Russian military jets history. Historically "Sokol" aviation plant was the manufacturer of all MIGs military training jets (with double cockpit). Also "Sokol" was a manufacturer of combat military jets starting from MIG-15 (the legendary aircraft in military jets history) to the most modern jet fighters like MIG-29 and MIG-31. The test-pilots of "Sokol" are one of the most skilled pilots among Russian jets fighters test-pilots with a huge amount of flight hours in different types of military jets.

Different flight programs in MiG-29 jet fighters have been developed, together with the head of "Sokol" aviation plant, for example, Aerobatics Experience in MiG-29, "Edge of Space & Aerobatics" in MiG-29, "Top Gun Adventure" and others). The History museum of "Sokol" plant will show you the military jets history in Soviet Union and Russian Federation. Here you can see the scale models of the most Russian jet fighters, military training jets and a lot interesting historical aviation things that will expand your knowledge in this sphere.
"Space Tourism LTD" has the Exclusive Official Right licensed by "Sokol" airbase to sell these MiG-29 flights for tourists. Special Certificate confirm this right documentary.

For last 9 years we ("Sokol" air base and us) have arranged more than 220 flights in MiG-29 and MiG-31 Russian jet fighters, which were organized for Russians and foreign citizens from all over the world as well. More than 60% of all the commercial military jets flights from "Sokol" airbase were arranged by us.

We have gained solid experience of providing service and we have created a network of Agencies Worldwide.
We are proud that many of our clients who have flown in MiG-29 or MiG-31 aircrafts, have become our good Friends (see details). The wide diversity of countries where our clients from, testifies total faith in us as the leading Russian travel agency for these types of tours. For convenience of our clients we provide two types of tour, such as Flight Tour over Moscow (5 days) and Flight Tour directly to Nizhniy Novgorod (3 days).

Besides these MiG-29 Fulcrum military jets flights from "Sokol" air base, our agency organizes flights in a military training jets L-39 Albatros from the Aviation Educational Center in Vyazma (200 km from Moscow) (see details). We also can provide flight-training in the L-39 jet plane (2-3 moths waiting time) in Vyazma. The very best Russian instructors (see more details) will give you necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

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