Itinerary of Pole of Cold Tour

1 DAY: On arrival in Yakutsk, you will be met by our company rep. who will escort you to the Polar Star Hotel. There you will have breakfast.

After a short break, we will give you a quick cultural introduction about Yakutsk given by our English speaking guide-interpreter (we have also staff speaking other languages, too). During your sightseeing tour of the city, you will see the first wooden tower, Tygyn, that was built by a Yakutsk Cossak founder – Peter Beketov. There will be a walk in the Old Town district where you will pass a number of old churches. You will also be able to see the Permafrost Institute that is a unique scientific institution researching how permafrost influences nature and other life forms. The Mammoth Museum will also be shown to you. There, you can examine the fauna and its Ice Age habitat, and see unique paleontological exhibits.

Following the excursion, dinner will be in the restaurant where we will get to know each other better and discuss the tour program. Then, we will take you to your hotel to relax.

2 DAY: This day starts you on a long 420 Km journey which will take approximately 10 to 13 hours. So you should have a substantial meal, pack your clothes and then check-out from the hotel.

Our company rep. will take you from the hotel and drive you to Tomtor. You will make a stop for the night at Khandyga, as it is a long way from Yakutsk.

On your way, you will have lunch at a roadside café. By evening time, you will arrive in Khandyga and be checked into the hotel. There, you will be able to have dinner and have some quiet relaxation, after the road trip.

3 DAY: After breakfasting in Khandyga, you will continue your trip to Tomtor. Interestingly, the route goes over the famous Verkhoyansk Ridges Road that was built by GULAG prisoners, during Stalin’s regime. You will see carved bridges, barracks, and other remaining buildings of the concentration camp. You can see scenic views, huge mountains, fast rivers which should stave off any boredom during your journey.

There will be a short stop for lunch and then more driving. Eventually, you will arrive in Tomtor, during the evening. Later on, you will be taken to the hotel, where you can have dinner and relax again, unless you wish to go sightseeing to see the famous river Kuydusun that never freezes over.

4 DAY: After breakfast, you will have a sightseeing tour round the city Tomtor. You will learn that the city used to be a transit airport, in Russia, for Americans during WWII. You will visit the Ice Figures Museum, see Winter Houses of Chyskhan (the symbol of Cold) and Santa Clause, and enter the GULAG Museum.

Lunch will be served on completion of the city tour. In the evening, you will see a folk concert demostrating the culture of Northern People. According to folk-lore, Tomtor is known as the "Cold Starting Point" for Santa Clause and Russian Ded Moroz who brings winter to everyone.

5 DAY: You will have a meal at the hotel and then attend one more interesting option – Tomtor metro station. Our company representative will drive you there.

Later on, you will be able to enjoy traditional food. You can have some free time after lunch, and then you can try ice-fishing by drilling holes in the ice. Underneath, you can see fast-running water which never freezes even if the temperature is very low. The professional instructor will explain how northern people fish under the ice. Later on, we will take you back to the hotel for dinner.

6 DAY: As usual, first,breakfast at the hotel and then you will set out for a tour of Oymyakon – the city where the lowest recorded temperature was registered. You will be accompanied by our company interpreter and professional guide who will give you a town tour.

Next, you will meet the Mayor of Oymyakon who will congratulate you to have enough courage to get to try the Pole of Cold! You will be given a personal certificate from him and then, we will have a festive lunch to mark this event. It would be very interesting for us, too, as we would like to hear your impressions of typical Russian frosts.

In the afternoon, you will head for another short tour out to a horse-breeders farm. You will be shown the unique Yakut horses that are able to live in such cold conditions. It is scientifically proven that the Yakut horse’s predecessors came from the mammoth’s age and it was able to survive and developed. You will learn a lot about North Peoples’ life-style and their traditions. There will be a chance to ride a typical Northern horse.

In the evening, back to your warm hotel, in Tombor, for dinner and relaxation!

7 DAY: In the morning after breakfast, once more, you are to pack your possessions and check-out. Our travel agency rep. will pick you up and drive back to Khandyga. On the way back, you will pass the village Yuchugey, where you will see the compact settlement of reindeer breeders. You will have a brief tour there and learn about their way of life, traditions and culture. Tourists will be shown how to gather reindeer, prepare them for the trip and try to learn how to sled and ride on the reindeer’s back.

You will have the chance again to taste northern traditional food. Then you will head for Khandyga. There, you will sleep the night and have dinner.

8 DAY: This day you will be taken back to Yakutsk. You will have your breakfast at the hotel and then our company rep. make sure you are not left behind. While driving you will only be able to have roadside snack, arriving in Yakutsk sometime during the evening. There, you will have dinner and spend the night in the hotel.

9 DAY: This is the last day of your incredible journey, and exciting it should be… nearly 1000 kilometers of wild Russia. You will eat in the hotel and once more, pack your possessions. After that, you will be met by our company rep. who will escort you to the airport and help you with departure from Russia.