The Yakutia - Pole of Cold


There are people who have an adventurous spirit and a wish to discover something new, something really challenging. For lovers of thrills and excitement, who might have already explored the North Pole, the South Pole, Everest, etc. we would like to offer an expedition to the Pole of Cold that is included in the list of 50 most incredible journeys of the world. You could feel the rush of adrenaline when you visit a place with a record cold temperature… colder than the North Pole!

If you think you are brave enough to go to such extreme weather conditions,we will help you to strive for more travel adventure than you might have experienced yet.

You will be in the conditions of nearly cosmic temperatures, see first-hand how the people in the North survive, and you can see what happens with the equipment and machinery but why the river still runs even if it is -54°C. We will take you to where all the answers to these questions are and you can experience this natural phenomenon.

The Pole of Cold is situated in Oymyakon where the lowest temperature in the world was checked -89.2 °C and that is COLD! While you are there, you will find out how the local people cope with it and possibly learn a lot of other interesting things connected with Russian culture and history.

You will have a unique chance to explore this natural habitat, experience the extreme cold, and find out how it is possible to survive under such conditions. In order to properly appreciate this and your home country one should visit the Pole of Cold. It is a great test for every adventurer and a "once in a lifetime" experience.

We will arrange the best way to visit the Pole of Cold and we welcome all people who have been dreaming of seeing the world’s coldest place, to join our expedition, to see where humans live and also where you could appreciate a country of hospitable people, majestic mountains, and the unique Kolyma road.

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