North Pole Adventure

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Day 1.
On arrival in Moscow, you will be met by our company representative, who will take you to your hotel and help you to check-in and complete any other formalities. Then, you will be free for the rest of the day.

Day 2.
After breakfast, we will brief you on the trip schedule. Professional instructors will check your equipment. You will also meet the others joining the tour. Then you will be free until lunch-time.

After lunch, you will be taken out on a sightseeing tour of Moscow. Our professional guide will show you what we think are the most interesting places in our capital.

There will also have the possibility of joining any other tours of your choosing. Just let us know of your needs.

On finishing the tour, we will be drive you back to your hotel to relax.

Day 3.
The first part of the day will be free. If you wish, we can organize another cultural program for you. In the evening, you check-out from the hotel and then you will be picked by our company representative to be driven to the airfield, where you will board An-72 aircraft and fly to Vorkuta and then on to the North Pole. You will be flown to the ice camp, Barneo, landing on the specially prepared ice runway (50-60 km from North Pole point). You will be staying in the camp.

Day 4.
Our instructors will brief you all the necessary preparations completed, before you leave for the North Pole. You will be able to see the beauty of the North Pole from an Mi-8 helicopter and please, take all the photos you wish.

There is also a great opportunity for professional skydivers to jump-out at the North Pole. Skydivers will be in a group of 5 to 6 people and the jump from the altitude 1600-2,000 meters (5,200 to 5,600) depending on weather conditions. To make sure we land properly on the assigned runway, special lamps are lit. The divers will spend 1-2 hours after landing, at the Pole, The skydivers will be returned to ‘Camp Barneo’ by helicopter, after they have safely landed and collected themselves and their skydiving gear.

Once everybody has been safely returned, to "Camp Barneo" we will have a dinner party to mark this event.

After the party, the An-72 aircraft will be warmed up and ready to take you all back on the flight to Moscow, weather conditions permitting.

Day 5.
Our company representative will meet you, on your return to Moscow, and accompany you back to your hotel, once more, where you can catch-up on some lost sleep or simply take it easy for a few hours.

Day 6.
After breakfast you will check-out from the hotel, and, along with our rep., head out for the airport, in a chauffer-driven car, where, once again, the rep. will assist you on the departure process.

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