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Kamchatka Adventure
Kamchatka Adventure
Kamchatka Adventure
Kamchatka Adventure
Kamchatka Adventure
Kamchatka Adventure


We will be glad to form your individual Kamchatka tour based on your request!
Kamchatka standard tours (7 days, airline tickets not included).

To combine the program of your tour, please, choose the possible options and send a request to our staff. We will follow with detailed tour program and price offer, created specially for your Kamchatka adventure!

Kamchatka adventures options:

- Kamchatka Bears and Volcanoes
July-September, 10 days tour
Visit one of the best destination at the region — Kurilskoye Lake, located at volcano crater.
Enjoy your stay at the wooden house closed to the lake and get a great impressions of bears viewing from one of the best viewing places in the peninsula. You will be impressed by salmon ride and eagle's nesting in the mountines. Get some knowledges about geology during Mutnovsky Volcano visit. Finish your tour by the key Kamchatka adventure — Geysers Valley and Uzon volcano helicopter tour.

- Kamchatka active volcanoes adventure
Year round, 7 days tour

Enjoy the beauty of the «Fire land»! The route of this 4WD truck tour will show you the beauty of the most great volcanoes at Kamchatka. You will be at the heart of world famous Mutnovsky, Gorely and Avachinsky active volcanoes. And the star of your Kamchatka trip — the biggest active volcano in Eurasia - Kluchevskoy (4850 meters). During your tour you will pass the wonderful tundra landscapes with great local fauna — foxes, marmots, squirrels and great birds life. And the Kamchatka King — Brown Bear!

- Dog sledding tour
2 days excursion

Feel yourself like a local Kamchatka citizen for 2 days and drive a dog sled by yourself!
You will be transferd to your drive place by snow mobiles and it will be a great chance to see the magnificent natural park — Nalycheva Valley. Combine your drive expireance with comfort of staying in local wooden houses and bath in thermal hot springs!

- River fishing tours
June — September
2 days option

Enjoy the unique experience of Fishing on the Opala River at the south of Kamchatka!
You will be transported to this destination from Petropavlovsk by helicopter, full accomodation, fishing boats and visit of hot springs is included.
Catch one of the famous Kamchatka fishes — King Salmon or Rainbow Trout!
Fishing at Kamchatka is a must do option during Kamchatka adventure!

One-day excursions
- The Valley of Geysers (all the year round)

Great adventure with helicopter flight to geysers valley, volcanoes viewing from the helicopter, trekking geysers tour with guide, hot springs swimming, visit of Zhupanova river and hot lunch.

-The Valley of Geysers - caldera of the Uzon volcano
June - September

Great combination of Geysers Valley Tour and visit of the must see destination — the lake at Uzon volcano crater! Impressive helicopter flight, active volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and lunch at the river will be the great moments of your Kamchatka trip!

-The Kurilskoye Lake and Khodutka Hot Springs
year round

Great helicopter tour to beautiful lake, bears viewing and salmon run, walking tour with guide along the lake shore, flight to Khodutka hot springs and swimming at the hot river, lunch at the river.

-Avacha Bay boat trip and fishing
Explore Kamchatka from the sea, discover the unique fauna (mammals and sea birds), make great pictures of volcanoes from the sea side, enjoy great fishing expireance and finish with a fish soup on board!

-Petropavlovsk — Kamchatsky city tour
Car and walkig guided tour at Kamchatka region capital downtown. Day and night options possible.
Learn about the history of the region, visit the museum of the area and be informed about this unique destination and it's people.

The offered options is not the full list of our services. We will be glad to offer you additional Kamchatka adventures on your request.
Ecological, skiing, trekking, mountains, buggy, snow mobiles and other tours available on request!
You need just a wish — we will follow with your tour program!

Contact our staff for your great individual Kamchatka adventure, plan your days by yourself according to your interests!