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Baikal Lake Cruise
Fishing in Baikal Lake
Baikal Seal - Nerpa
Baikal Lake


Explore the beauty of Baikal Lake with our Baikal Odyssey Cruise. Baikal is a beautiful lake which is located in the South-Eastern part of Siberia. It is the deepest freshwater lake on the earth and it is famous for unique clarity of its waters and variety of flora and fauna. It covers 31 470 square kilometers – the size of Belgium. There are 336 rivers and streams run to Baikal and only the Angara River runs from Baikal.

Baikal cruise lets you see the unique places of Baikal nature which impossible to see from the land for such short period. During several days of cruise you will have opportunity to see different landscapes of lake shore, feel the power of Baikal, its asperity and prodigality. You will be able to visit places without any impact of civilization. Professional and friendly crew makes your trip comfortable and interesting.

During the cruise we offer different types of activity, so everybody will find things to do. You definitely will enjoy to fish in the stocked with fish places, to dive in hot springs of peninsula Holy Nose, to visit the rookery of Baikal seals – Nerpa on Ushkaniy Islands and Barguzinsky national park, to know the story about Buryat’s holy place – Olkhon Island, to see Holy Buddhist place – Stupa on the Ohoy Island and petroglyphic drawing in white cliff of Sagan-Zaba.

The period of navigation lasts from the end of May up to the end of October

Book your Baikal Cruise now and the experiences you will get there will be incomparable to anything else!

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