My fantastic experience of Suborbital Space Training in MiG-29 with unique color of “Sokol” airbase, March 2014

Yury N.

It is difficult to deal with emotions after such a flight!!!! Sergei Kara (pilot) did everything by 5+ points, everything that was planned and even more! It was Suborbital Space Flight Training in MiG-29!!!

During the briefing we discussed the details of the flight, all very detailed and clear even for such a tourist as me. During the flight we constantly kept in touch. Especially was reassured that I wish we could stop or continue maneuvers…
Once a pilot has known that I had my experience naval force and flight in L-39, he suggested to complicate the program, and to try more complex elements...

I held steady with the approach on one of the turns I was entrusted to control the aircraft.
The most vivid memory is upside down flight. Don't know why I love it so much!?
In the morning I felt a slight discomfort, dry weather in recent days varies from plus to minus. But at the moment I am shaken and the headache is gone. I felt a surge of strength and desire to move mountains, as I am 10 years younger than I am! And I quenched my appetite immediately at the factory canteen for pilots and technical staff. It turned out that lunch was vary tasty as in youth.

In one word, there is something to remember! The weekend was successful despite the fact that it was only Friday!!!It was fantastic trip to "Sokol" airbase. Come to have your individual experience, it will impress you without any doubts.