Chinese tourist reach Stratosphere in MiG29

Yuan X.
Photo near Mig 29
Photo in cockpit before flight
Photo with Certificate
Photo in cockpit before flight

I've been thinking about flying on a jet fighter for many years but did not know where to find such service providers. I'm very happy to learn about this opportunity via social media. I've scuba diving at the geographical North Pole and the Southern Ocean, trekked to the two poles, climbed the Everest. Friends keep kidding me that I should go to the space as my next expedition.
Your Edge of Space program is probably the farthest I can get away from the Earth at this stage.

The program is quite close to what I expected. The week before the flight day, I went to do the physical exam as required. I was a bit worried if I could survive the 6G load factor. It turned out I did quite well and even got a bit extra bonus of 6.5G. The personal services throughout the program is much more than I expected.

During the program, I felt pretty calm even though I was a bit excited the day before. I read the company's website and learned from previous participants that the strongest G force usually took place during the maneuver before landing. So I turned on the pure oxygen for a couple minutes and held my head back against the seat and managed to survive the 6.5G without a blackout, even though it was pretty close already. Andrey, the test pilot, was a very good communicator and quite encouraging when he handed over the control to me to do a few double rolls. After the flight, there was a sense of achievement and also quite a relief.


Yuan X.