"A visit to remember forever" - our client's impression of the Baikonur tour, June 2018

Walter Van Regemortel
Tourists on the "Gagarin launch" pad
Tourists near the "Salute" ship in the Baikonur museum

I went to Baikonur in the first week of June 2018 to watch he launch of Soyuz MS-09 with 3 astronauts for the International Space Station.We had the opportunity to visit the local museum and different launch installations and control centers.

Our guide Yulia did a good job by translating technical information from Russian local guides in English.

It is an amazing experience to visit historic places, like the site where Yuri Gagarin left for his first spaceflight.

Highlight of the visit was of course the launch of the Soyuz spacecraft. We followed the astronauts during the day, from the moment they left their hotel in the morning until they took the bus for the launchpad in their space suits.

A special place was reserved to watch the launch, equipped with catering and toilet facilities.

After all, a visit to remember forever.

Walter Van Regemortel from Antwerp, Belgium