Two Japanese surgeons makes Edge of Space & Aerobatics in MiG-29 in one day

Toshihiro Yokoi and Chie Yokoi
Japanese tourist near MiG-29 and our manager
Happy tourists-doctors from Japan with pilot and our manager after Edge of Space & Aerobatics Flight in MiG-29
Happy Japanese tourist after Edge of Space & Aerobatics Flight in MiG-29

Hello Katerina!
We like aviation and extreme, and we dream about MiG-29 Flight very long time! We want to experience the 9G flight. Chie have been to Russia before, very long time ago, and she also like city. I have been to Russia first time.
I offer to Chie make most cool extreme Adventure - Edge of Space & Aerobatics Flight in MiG-29!
We contact directly to Space Tourism and talk to manager Katerina, she was very helpful and answer to all our questions.We have booked our adventures, and waiting for this moment!
We arrive directly to Nizhniy Novgorod, and we like the city! Our guide was also very nice and helpful!
Next day we meet with Katerina-manager, and goes to airbase "Sokol".
We was very lucky, because weather was so sunny and so warm! And day before it was nasty! So we have got only only amazing flight this day, but also great photos!
Our impression of MIG flight -it was Marvelous!!
The emotions during Edge of Space & Aerobatics Flight in MiG-29 was both exciting and interesting, and feelings was very unsual!
We really would like to planning the next flight in the MIG-29 and also want to experience Zero - Gravity Flight.

We was surprised that also Zero Gravity Flight in Russia is doing in huge plane IL-76, which not possible in Japan in Europe! We surely want to experience it!
Thank you for your kindly welcoming and good organization!
We are deeply appreciated all your staffs of Sokol airbase and manager Victoria for help, kindness!

Best Regards
Toshihiro Yokoi and Chie Yokoi

VIDEO - Brave Japanese doctor flew in the MiG-29 to stratosphere in Russia!