Our Brazilian friend attended MAKS airshow

Tiago Matos de Carvalho

As the main focus of the tour was the MAKS, in my opinion everything was extremely fine. The two first days, exclusive for business and press, provided a really good opportunity to take a close look in most of the aircrafts and helicopters, as well as the aerobatic demonstrations without too many people.

Following the same area of interest, the Monino visit was a strong attraction beyond the MAKS. For me was really exciting to see close to me some iconic aircrafts of the aviation history. The only thing that I think that could be better is the time to see by our own after the museum guide leave us. Frank and I took a little longer than we were given.

The Space Tourism part everything was ok regarding my accommodations. A good room, services and breakfast. Actually, was another opportunity to practice the language.

The tour through the city was really impressive, despite some tiredness of a day at MAKS. The other tours through Kremlin, Red Square, and the hills that I forgot the name (sorry hehe) were extremely good.

The receptivity of whole group was really good. Contacts and the schedules of the days were helpful. The language was something that I was expecting for, mainly after some time studying, so this receptivity was important to me, to try to communicate.

As my first visit to Russia, I'm extremely pleased with that week that ended quickly. After a long time, I finally went to Russia, and now I'm already planning the next visit (probably in the next year), and for the next MAKS, for sure. We didn't had time to talk about but I'm really interested in know more about the Baikonur tours.

I would like to thank, apologize for something that might have happened and wish success to you.

In the next MAKS and probably, the next year, we'll meet again.