Tourist from Israel had his wonderful Edge of Space Flight

Photo with pilot near engines
View to Stratosphere
Tourist ready for take off
Photo during maneuvres

EVERYTHING went absolutely smooth: first, I was picked up from the hotel by your translator, Ms. Irina. Ms. Irina helped made the trip a very pleasant one, explaining what we saw on the way. She also demonstrated a very deep knowledge in military aviation history, including also performance of and records held by various fighter jets – truly impressive.
The technical meeting with the pilot was very pleasant and was held in a very relaxed atmosphere. Ms. Irina's contribution to the discussion was invaluable and she demonstrated extensive knowledge of aviation related English terms. I do not see how such technical exchange could have taken place efficiently without her translation abilities.
The wearing of the pressure suit and other flight gear, the transfer to the runway, pre-flight, climbing to the aircraft and the ground team handling all the rest went also very smooth.
The flight was quite an experience. During the pre-flight briefing, the pilot (Mr. Yuri Polyakov) explained to me that it may be difficult to reach the 18KM altitude mark on such a hot day as we had on the day of the flight.
During the entire flight I felt that I was in VERY good hands and Mr. Yuri CONSTANTLY asked me "Shahar, are you OK?" It was very clear to me that he was extremely concerned with my wellbeing, not only with how much fun I was having...
After landing, again all went very smooth. The removal of the flight gear, a short rest (that I needed!), the certificate and the farewell from the pilot.
I was driven back to the Hotel, accompanied by Ms. Irina who was very glad to hear details of my flight.
In short: I am a happy customer and more than likely I will return to fly again!

Best regards,