Fan of aviation from Sweden make his MiG-29 Flight to Stratosphere

Swedish tourist in cockpit of MiG-29 before flight to Stratosphere
Photo of tourist from Sweden  near MiG-29 engines with our manager

I have always dreamed of flying a fighter jet. When I realized that it was possible to fly in a MIG-29 and fly up to the Stratosphere, breaking the sound barrier, I was very excited. The possibility of being allowed to take control of the plane myself with the guidance of a Top Gun pilot made the opportunity irresistible.
To prepare for the flight I first worked at getting in good physical shape. I ran, rowed biked and practiced yoga. I also wanted to experience how the G-force would feel so I arranged to fly with an aerobatic pilot in a Pitts S2. I flew with him several times and even took the controls myself and executed rolls and looping.
My flight with pilot Andrey Pechionkin was fantastic!! Before the flight I was given a very thorough breifing of the MIG-29 and I learned about the airplane's construction and instrumentation. This was very helpful during the flight, especially when I was allowed to take the controls myself.
This flight far exceeded my expectations.
It was an amazing experience and one of the most incredible things I have ever done!!