Nadjejda from the ESA shares her impressions from Baikonur in May 2013

Nadjejda Vicente

Hi Alexander,

Hope this email finds you well! As promised, here it goes my brief review:
"When you have been dreaming to experience something for so long that you can't even remember, it is difficult to believe that things could turn out to be even better than you expected. I thought I was ready to see Baikonur, to visit the launch pads, to witness a launch. Soon I realized that I wasn't. You have to go there and see it by yourself. In Baikonur you can find relics in every corner and notice the paradoxes of a modest town in the middle of the desert transformed into a gateway to space. You can touch, smell and breath the history of spaceflight in the cosmodrome. I never imagined that we could get so close to the action surrounding a manned launch. Our agenda was full of cool stuff, we had support at all times and our guides (Alex from Best Russian and the local guides from Baikonur) were very attentive and patient with us. We even got some nice surprises. The best trip of my life!"

Nadjejda Vicente, ESA copywriter