Three unbelivable MiG-29 Flights in one day of tourists from Switzerland and Hungary!

Lajos Varga, Stefano, Zoltan Veres
Switzerland, Hungary
Excited tourist from Hungary before flight in MiG-29
After the MiG-29 flights wi the pilot
View to the Earth from Stratosphere Flight in MiG-29

Zoltan and Stefano
Just a few words to thank you for taking so well care of us during our stay in Nishny Novgorod.

Lajos, Zoltan and myself really enjoyed flying on the Mig 29. We are experiences pilots, but anyway The flight in MiG-29 will remain forever in our memories! It was SUCH AN AAMAAAZING EXPERIENCE for me given the power and the flight capabilities of the aircraft to which I was not used!!! Our pilot Andrey Pechenkin did a great job and has been very kind as he let me perform some aerobatics manoeuvres with the aircraft. Please, send him ma warmest regards.

Finally, the organisation and logistics were just perfect as you did everything required to make this experience unforgettable!

Lajos Varga
Thank You again for organising the fantastic sortie in the Mig-29 at Sokol Airbase. Even though it was the 3rd occasion for me to fly in MiG-29, I still enjoyed every moment of it!! Pilot Andrey Pechenkin is a great pilot and a great instructor! I will be back for more!