Japanese woman realize her dream to flight in MiG29 to Stratosphere

Yumi K.
Photo near engines of Mig29
Photo from cockpit
Photo near Mig29
Photo with pilot after flight

Riding on a fighter jet was my dream for a long time. Because I love watching the jets fly and perform different maneuvers. I also love their sound, speed, seeing the vapor and afterburners. I always wanted to know how pilots feel while flying fighter jets. This is the reason I wanted to fly in a MiG-29.
When I arrived at SOKOL airbase, everyone was very nice and the pilot briefed me in detail about the flight. I had no stress to ride in a MiG-29.
First, we went to the stratosphere. While there I was able to look down at the planet I live on. Second, we did different aerobatic maneuvers. I was able to use the control stick for a short time. I also asked if we could use the afterburners and the pilot said yes! It was so exciting and my dream came true.
We broke the sound barrier flying at mach 1.7 and the G-force from -1.0 to +6.0. The experience made me very happy, but was hard on my body. Now I can really understand how hard their work is.
I was surprised how many people it took to get me ready to fly and I really appreciate what they did for me. I would like to say thank you so much for making my dream come true!