Our customer from the United Kingdom about His Incredible Birthday Present from the Friend for 50th Anniversary - MiG-29 Flight!!!!

John Jenkins
The UK
MiG-29 jet flights as a PRESENT!
Flights in MiG-29 for tourists
Flight in MiG-29 jet in "Edge of Space"!
 Flight in MiG-29
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My flight in a MiG-29 was the most amazing, exhilarating and challenging experience of my life.
From the briefing to the landing I felt totally safe and in the most expert
of hands.
I was given all the information I needed before the flight and during the flight the pilot made sure I
was enjoying every second.
"Space Tourism LTD" looked after me the entire time from greeting me at the airport, ensuring my
accommodation was provided, accompanying me to delicious Russian restaurants and giving me some very interesting and enjoyable tours!!
I would recommend "Space Tourism" to anyone who is looking for the best experience of their life!!!
I would especially like to thank Irene for her invaluable assistance during my stay.
John Jenkins.