Happy Russian woman about her unbelivable MiG-29 Flight!

Jana Vorob`eva
In the cockpit of MiG-29
Brave woman near MiG-29
With the pilot

I want to thank  ("Space Tourism Ltd") and Oleg Fedorov (Nizhny Novgorod Aircraft Building Plant "SOKOL") for organizing an outstanding tour, for being every second attentive, calm and patient!

Words of admiration to the chief pilot Sergei Kara - for an unforgettable dance in the sky in MiG-29 fighter for  feelings of absolute confidence and comfort at an altitude of 20 000 meters, with the gallant attitude, for the thrill, the joy of take off, flight and landing! 

Big thanks to Inna, Marina and Alexander - for the attention and care in preparation for the flight!

Thanks to a group of mechanics, drivers, operators, tour guides and the whole team of the plant "Sokol", for their professionalism!

Sincere appreciation and gratitude to a great friend and mentor - Sergei Golovin - for making my desires truth, for the discovery of new dimensions of life!

Hoping someday to repeat the flight!