The impressions of a Russian tourist Ivan Shestak about his MiG-29 flight

Ivan Shestak
MiG-29 jet flights as a PRESENT!
Flight preparations
Ivan with the pilot

Dear friends, I want to share the feelings of a few minutes of flight in the MiG-29.
Several years ago I had a Zero-G flight at the Cosmonaut Training Center .
I want to say that the experience was unprecedented, comparable with nothing.
Some years later I wanted new impressions of something unusual, extraordinary ...
And what a wonder! I am driving to Moscow and see the car that says "Buy a flight in MiG-29". It immediately became clear that I simply can not miss this event.
Sorry, dear friends, is distracted from the topic. As for the flight - It's amazing!
During the flight in MiG-29, I felt like a "Predator", the only thing I did not have the trigger on the handle control of the aircraft and charged ammunition ..
Well, doing aerobatics is something out of the world. I`m proud of the people whose hands created such a machine!
Special thanks to the pilot Yuri Polyakov and all those who served the flight from nurses to technicians.
They created a friendly atmosphere, nice professional people.
Special thanks to the company "Space Tourism" - it was very nice to meet you and thank you for the realization of children's dreams to fly a fighter! I wish your company development and prosperity!
Best regards, Ivan Shestak.