"A very interesting experience and much fun" - our client's impression of the Zero Gravity flight

Ingrid H.
Very happy after the flight
Enjoying Zero Gravity flight!
Tourist before the Zero Gravity flight
In front of the IL-76 MDK
Tourist visiting the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center

The tour to Moscow and the Zero-G-flight were perfect organized by the company, from collecting us at the airport late in the night to the very good hotel (modern, clean, in front of a Metro-Station, two stations to the city), to the visit of a Space-Museum and the Cosmonaut-Training-Center at Star-City and the Z-G-flight itself. We were four Europeans at the hotel and had our own translator and guide, Julia, a very nice and competent young lady.

The Zero-G-flight is a very interesting experience and much fun. We were a little bit afraid before, but at the briefing the day before the instructors were so competent, that I had very much confidence in them and no more fear. There are eight instructors for 14 participants, and one doctor on board, so you feel really safe.

During the flight it is very interesting, that you don't realize that the airplane goes 47 degrees up and afterwards steep down. It always feels as if the plane was flying horizontal. You only realize the 2 G-phase when you feel very heavy for about 10 seconds, and then suddenly you are very light and go up to the ceiling. In this mode you don't feel sick at all and have no bad feelings in the body. The instructors help you to make some flying-experiments and when you hear the voice "20 seconds" they help you to go down to the floor in time. Afterwards now I think I should have made more experiments with the instructors, I really would recommend this, but I was so preoccupied with the experiences of my body that I did not take enough this chance. Perhaps I will have to go there for a second time. I really can recommend this adventure!

Perhaps I will also go for watching a launch in Baikonur, this sounds very interesting. I will have to look on your homepage.

Thank you very much for everything, I will recommend this adventure to my friends and colleagues.

Best regards from Ingrid