Incredible Impressions of Suborbital Space Training in MiG-29, March 2014

Iliya CH.
Instructions before the flight in MiG-29
Son's congratulations after the flight
The crew with observers after the flight in MiG-29

I would like to share my Impressions about the MiG-29 flight in March 2014(Suborbital Space flight training in MiG-29)!
The feeling after the flight is like you do something incredible. Taking the seat into the cockpit, connection to the suit life support systems, taxiing and take-off – everything reminds impressions from watching Formula 1.

During the Flight, you don’t think about the pilot and the jet separately, they are perceived as one organism so you can’t believe that it happens in real…

You expect discomfort, noise, vibrations, but get full comfort and the feeling that you are in fantastic suite for space launch!

As an advice - read all that is written above and go on it only with the expectation of such feelings, and then it will remain the brightest moment in your life, perhaps before space flight!
And definitely choose Suborbital Space Flight Training with Vertical Take-off, which allows you the full power of the MiG.
Thanks a million to the organizers!