Impression of Space Camp in Star City of students from Hong Kong

Hong Kong Space Co.
Hong Kong
Photo near Gagarin's photo
Photo in Space suite Sokol
Training in docking simulator
Exposition in Korolev museum
Photo in space suite Sokol
Photo in Star City

On October 4, 1957, the Soviets launched the first artificial satellite, Sputnik 1, into space. Four years later on April 12, 1961, Russian Lt. Yuri Gagarin became the first human to orbit Earth in Vostok.

It is a wonderful experience for our Space Society to learn about the history of Russia Space development and to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the first spacecraft into space in this summer 2017. The program gave us a chance to visit the Cosmonautic Museum, training in Star City, the Cosmonaut Training Centre of Russia, training in Space suite "Sokol" and to learn Space Docking, Spacewalks, Cosmonauts life support systems and Survival in case of emergency situation. We spend a week in Star City having lectures and trainings with our students. Also, we have got great tour in Moscow and St.Petersburg.It was really interesting to know the culture of a great Country - Russia.
Here, may I express my thanks and appreciation to our partner, the "Country of Space Tourism" to give us so many help to make this trip a very successful one.
From dreaming to fly to going to space, show our unbounded imagination, perseverance and creativity. Space science technology affects our daily life. Going to space is not a dream anymore. Let's work together to make this dream come true!

Hong Kong Space Co.
Peter L.